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Matka Game Rates

  • SINGLE 10 ka 95

  • JODI 10 ka 950

  • SINGLE PATTI 10 ka 1400

  • DOUBLE PATTI 10 ka 2800

  • TRIPPLE PATTI 10 ka 8000

Online Matka Play App

Online Matka Play App

Download our attractive online satta app and play your matka game to win huge amounts! Get it on Google Now! Bonuses are additional!

Matka Results

Milan morning

  • 240-68-125

Kalyan morning

  • 355-31-399


  • 467-7

madhur morning

  • 130-4


  • 135-90-569

Time bazar

  • 249-56-457

Madhur day

  • 180-93-337

Milan day

  • 267-58-468

Rajdhani day

  • 233-82-570

Supreme day

  • 990-81-119


  • 459-82-679

Sridevi night

  • 126-90-235

Madhur night

  • 258-50-389

Supreme night

  • 278-75-159

Milan night

  • 226-08-125

Kalyan night

Rajdhani night

Main bazar

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